Thursday, January 30, 2020

Python Apps Packaging

Official Python Docker image:

Numba: A High Performance Python Compiler (to LLVM)

Pyston compiler cranks up Python thanks to LLVM | InfoWorld

UPS += electric_vans * 10000 + self_driving

UPS orders 10,000 electric delivery vans from startup Arrival

"UPS announced today that they are investing in UK-based EV startup Arrival and ordering 10,000 electric delivery vans from them in order to electrify their fleet."

UPS is buying thousands of electric vans and teaming up with Waymo to accelerate the future of delivery

"... UPS will use some of (Alphabet/Google subsidiary) Waymo’s self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivans to shuttle packages between some of its stores in the Metro Phoenix area and its hub in Tempe, Arizona. The minivans won’t be fully driverless; Waymo says it will keep trained safety drivers in the front seat to monitor operations. Despite the limited nature of the pilot, both Waymo and UPS say a “long-term plan” between the companies remains possible."

Hyundai and Kia put over $110M into UK electric delivery vehicles startup Arrival

"Last year Hyundai announced a $35 billion commitment to develop self-driving technology and electric vehicles. As part of that, it wants to release 23 types of electric vehicles by 2025.
Last week, it unveiled a flying taxi concept with Uber at the CES tech conference in Las Vegas."

UPS teams up with Waymo to test self-driving delivery vans

"Waymo, the self-driving arm of Google's (GOOG) parent company Alphabet, will use its autonomous Chrysler Pacifica minivans to bring packages from UPS stores in the Phoenix area to a UPS sorting facility in Tempe, Arizona"
Waymo will transport UPS packages from stores in Phoenix to a facility in Tempe.