Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Cloud Computing => Edge Computing: AWS Greengrass, Azure IoT Edge

A very interesting, and well informed, view of the next wave of evolution of computing!

The Cloudcast: The Cloudcast #334 - The Future of Edge Computing

"... talks with Derek Collison (@derekcollison, Founder and CEO at Synadia Communications, board member of CNCF, former CTO of VMware, Architect of Cloud Foundry,  technical director at Google,  TIBCO,etc.) about the future of edge computing, the impact of AI/ML on edge systems, and how Telcos and open source communities will evolve with edge computing opportunities."

"Edge computing allows data produced by internet of things (IoT) devices to be processed closer to where it is created instead of sending it across long routes to data centers or clouds.
Doing this computing closer to the edge of the network lets organizations analyze important data in near real-time – a need of organizations across many industries,"

Network World - How Edge Computing Works [diagram]

Edge computing - Wikipedia

Interesting "edge" use-cases are "cloud functions" and Machine Learning inference.
ML models can be created by training on cloud, and then deployed to edge for faster response time.

That is exactly what AWS already offers with AWS Greengrass - Amazon Web Services.
Optionally combined with customized HW, i.e. optimized for ML and/or IoT, it really becomes a new platform.  AWS Greengrass – Run AWS Lambda Functions on Connected Devices | AWS News Blog
Introducing AWS Greengrass @ SlideShare
Greengrass is software (bring your own hardware); Manage from cloud console or API;
price $1.5/year/device.

Microsoft also provides a similar integrated solution:
Azure IoT Edge | Microsoft Azure | Pricing - IoT Edge | Microsoft Azure
Azure IoT Hub is required for the secure management of devices and services deployed to the edge via Azure IoT Edge. Pricing—IoT Hub | Microsoft Azure (based on number of messages/month)"There is no charge for using Azure IoT Edge. Azure IoT Edge allows you to run multiple Azure services on the edge. These Azure services running on IoT Edge will be billed according to their specific pricing."

Containers are a very good technology for deploying and updating software,
and even small computers like Raspberry Pi it can run both Docker and Kubernetes.
"Edge" container management is not standardized (yet), but that could change over time...

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