Sunday, May 24, 2015

free ebook: Building Microservices

How to Adopt Microservices - Oreilly ebook | NGINX
by Sam Newman, a technologist at ThoughtWorks

ideas: "Intelligent Reaction"; Adam Bosworth, SalesForce (!)

A brilliant presentation by Adam Bosworth, delivered on SalesForce's DreamForce 2005 event in San Francisco.

"Intelligent Reaction"
Old model: 5 year "plans", state socialism; blank slate and API first ("Intelligent Design")
New model: Try, watch, learn; Real Apps first, APIs follow ("Intelligent Reaction)
Solutions need marketplaces; communities, market dynamic

SalesForce "invented" cloud-based software, before it was called "cloud."
Cleverly, they called web based application "no software",
to contrast with complex and expensive on-premise enterprise CRM systems.
With a little help from ActiveX objects, web browsers ware able to handled basic CRM tasks.
Adam was a lead of IE4 in Microsoft at that time...

Adam has a long and very influential history in area of software development and XML, from Borland Quattro, then leading development of Access and Internet Explorer at Microsoft, creating new a platform acquired by BEA (leading Java platform at the time), then as Vice President at Google, creating a healthcare startup Keas, and now apparently EVP at SalesForce.

Adam Bosworth's Weblog | Thoughts on health, technology, and sometimes politics

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Distinguished Innovator - Adam Bosworth, Founder & CEO, Keas - YouTube
"Looking for simple solutions for hard problems"

Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration - meaning and origin.

Parker Harris Salesforce cofounder profile - Business Insider
“Do it fast, simple, and right the first time"
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My preference would be to use word "response" instead of "reaction",
to indicate resposible (response-able) approach, not just instant reaction.
In any case, feedback-driven development is clearly a better way.