Wednesday, June 06, 2012

LinkedIn: 6.5m Hashed Passwords Reportedly Leaked

Bad Day For LinkedIn: 6.5m Hashed Passwords Reportedly Leaked:

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Tizen = Linux + HTML5, by Samsung

Tizen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Tizen is a free and open source mobile operating system. Tizen is based on the Linux operating system backed by the Linux Foundation and represented in the industry by Tizen Association. Tizen was born out of Samsung Linux Platform OS (SLP). The operating system incorporates a number of modules such as network management from the MeeGo project, a combination of the mobile operating systems Moblin, created by Intel, and Maemo, created by Nokia. Development is led by companies gathered around Tizen Association, currently Samsung and Intel. Some former MeeGo developers also joined the effort.[3][4]

Tizen's software framework for third-party developers is based on web standards such as HTML5 and web technologies WAC and other [5] and will be designed for use in tablets, netbooks, smartphones, smart TV, and in-vehicle infotainment systems.[3] Tizen's software development kit is published by Samsung under a restrictive proprietary license[2] and includes a web integrated development environment, emulator, compilation toolchain, sample code and documentation.[6]"

Samsung invests $500 K to Linux Foundation