Friday, February 21, 2020

Top 10 Real Python Articles of 2019

#1: How to Run Your Python Scripts
#2: 13 Project Ideas for Intermediate Python Developers
#3: 3 Ways of Storing and Accessing Lots of Images
#4: Speed Up Your Python Program With Concurrency
#5: Build a Recommendation Engine
#6: Your Guide to the Python Print Function
#7: How to Write Beautiful Python Code With PEP 8
#8: How to Use Python Lambda Functions
#9: How to Stand Out in a Python Interview
#10: Inheritance and Composition: A Python OOP Guide

WebAssembly Summit & Bytecode Alliance

WebAssembly Summit 2020 @ YouTube

WebAssembly Summit

Ben Smith — WebAssembly: Expanding the PIE - YouTube
Original developer of WAT, from Google V8 team; very informative

Lin Clark — WebAssembly: Building a new kind of ecosystem - YouTube
Vision for broad usage of WASM

standardizing on WASM:
Bytecode Alliance

"The Bytecode Alliance is an open source community dedicated to creating secure new software foundations, building on standards such as WebAssembly and WebAssembly System Interface (WASI).

The Bytecode Alliance is committed to establishing a capable, secure platform that allows application developers and service providers to confidently run untrusted code, on any infrastructure, for any operating system or device, leveraging decades of experience doing so inside web browsers.

We have a vision for a secure-by-default WebAssembly ecosystem for all platforms."

link from:
JavaScript Weekly Issue 476: February 21, 2020

excellent, very informative presentation:
WebAssembly Demystified - YouTube
by Jay Phelps of Netflix
image resizing lib in WASM


Another online WASM IDE