Sunday, March 23, 2014

CSS: Absolute Relative Static

HTML Canvas can be combined with CSS positioned text
to get better quality and control of text on charts,
as demonstrated in this excellent book.

Sigma js: drawing graphs (not charts)

Sigma js:

"Sigma is a JavaScript library dedicated to graph drawing. It makes easy to publish networks on Web pages, and allows developers to integrate network exploration in rich Web applications."
(MIT license)

Using Sigma for Drawing Graphs @ InfoQ

Using Sigma.js with Neo4j | Max De Marzi

SQL Server 2014: NoSQL Speeds

SQL Server 2014: NoSQL Speeds with Relational Capabilities:

"For the last four or five years Microsoft has been working on the first rewrite of SQL Server’s query execution since version 7 in 1998. The goal is to offer NoSQL-like speeds without sacrificing the capabilities of a relational database. 

At the heart of this endeavor is project Hekaton, their memory optimized tables. While still accessible via traditional T-SQL operations, internally they are a fundamentally different technology."

AngularJS 2.0 for Mobile Apps

AngularJS 2.0 Will Target Mobile Apps, Drop Support For Older Browsers:

"AngularJS 2.0 is a framework for mobile apps" says the AngularJS team. The framework will continue to be supported for desktops, but the primary focus will be on getting the mobile bit right. The goals also include support for EcmaScript 6 along with a transpiler (since browsers don't support ES6 yet). 

The changes planned are outlined in an article "AngularJS 2.0" along with links to design documents to elicit feedback from developers.

Support only modern browsers that auto-update - Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Safari and IE11. On mobile, Chrome on Android, iOS 6+, Windows Phone 8+ and Firefox Mobile. There "may" be support for older versions of Android."