Sunday, February 19, 2012

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Internet of Things

Podcast: Andy Piper | MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT) @ ITconversations

Podcast: How Twine Can Tie The World Together @ ITconversations

Twine is a wireless module tightly integrated with a cloud-based service. The module has WiFi, on-board temperature and vibration sensors, and an expansion connector for other sensors. Power is supplied by the on-board micro USB or two AAA batteries (and Twine will email you when you need to change the batteries).

The Spool web app makes it simple to set up and monitor your Twines from a browser anywhere. You set rules to trigger messages — no programming needed. The rules are put together with a palette of available conditions and actions, and read like English: WHEN moisture sensor gets wet THEN tweet "The basement is flooding!" We'll get you started with a bunch of rule sets, and you can share rules you create with other Twine owners.

Funding by: Kickstarter, the world's largest funding platform for creative projects. Every week, tens of thousands of amazing people pledge millions of dollars to projects from the worlds of music, film, art, technology, design, food, publishing and other creative fields.

iPod -> Thermostat

Nest | The Learning Thermostat | Living With Nest

Tony Fadell, person who was instrumental in creating iPod and iPhone,
is now making "smart" devices for saving energy...

...Tony led the team (in Apple) that created the first 18 generations of the iPod
and the first three generations of the iPhone...
Tony has authored more than 100 patents...