Sunday, February 07, 2016

Microsoft Azure Stack

"mini-Azure in a box"

Microsoft Azure On-Premises? Technical Preview of Azure Stack Released
"Last week, Microsoft delivered the first technical preview of Microsoft Azure Stack – a product that promises to let organizations run Azure services in their own data centers. This represents the third attempt by Microsoft to deliver a local Azure experience, but the first one that’s faithful to the public cloud experience and targeted at a mass audience.
In a blog post announcing the availability of a technical preview, Mike Neil of Microsoft explained the hybrid reality faced by today’s enterprises.
The Technical Preview deploys to a single server running Windows Server 2016 Data Center Edition Technical Preview 4, with recommended hardware specs of 16 physical cores, 128GB of RAM, more than 1TB of storage. It also requires a connection to Azure Active Directory, and currently offers a very small subset of the dozens of services in the Microsoft public cloud."