Sunday, December 26, 2021

AI-assisted code tool "Tabnine" vs "Github Copilot"

AI-assisted development is here to stay with Eran Yahav, CTO of Tabnine (The Changelog #472) |> Changelog


Program synthesis @Wikipedia

graphire: react graph visualization library

 flavioschneider/graphire: An unopinionated react graph visualization library.

clever usage of .jsx

Use Node and Link components (defined in step 2 and 3) inside an svg by using the Graph wrapper.

import { Graph } from 'graphire'
const MyComponent = (
  return (
        <Node uid={0} x={110} y={300} color='red'/>
        <Node uid={1} x={50} y={30} color='orange' />
        <Node uid={2} x={150} y={80} color='green' />
        <Node uid='k' x={200} y={200} color='blue' />
        <Node uid={3} x={400} y={100} color='yellow' />

        <Link source={0} target={1} />
        <Link source={1} target={2} />
        <Link source={1} target='k' />
        <Link source={3} target='k' />