Monday, March 25, 2013

Stanford: Developing Apps for iPhone and iPad

Coding Together: Developing Apps for iPhone and iPad (Winter 2013)
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Edge.js = Node.js + .NET

Edge.js Combines Node.js with .NET:
"The JavaScript project Node.js now has the ability to run in one process with .NET code thanks to the Edge.js project (formerly called owin)...
 Edge.js'... includes the ability to execute CPU-bound calcualtions in .NET without blocking Node.js' event loop. It also allows using C# to write Node.js extensions to access Windows-platform specific features without resorting to the use of C/C++.

The connection between node.js an Edge.js is seamless and bilateral: node.js can call .NET methods and .NET code can call Node.js. Edge.js can compile C# source at run time or it can be pre-compiled before Edge.js starts."

Excellent podcast interview with Edge.js author Tomasz Janczuk @ Herding code