Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sir Ken Robinson On Discovering Your Passions (Education)

interview: Sir Ken Robinson On Discovering Your Passions @ On Point with Tom Ashbrook

When you’re in your Element, your sense of time changes. If you’re doing something that you love, an hour can feel like five minutes; if you are doing something that you do not, five minutes can feel like an hour.

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Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity @ TED

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What Graduation Speeches Should Say but Don’t by Ser Ken Robinson @ Time

...people who love what they do as being in their element. To begin with, they’re doing something for which they have a natural flair. It could be for business, the law, teaching, social work, music, carpentry, sport or working with animals. You name it. But being in your element is more than doing things you’re good at. To be in your element, you have to love the work too. As they say, “Find a job you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.”

Fertile minds need feeding @ Guardian
Are schools stifling creativity? Ken Robinson tells Jessica Shepherd why learning should be good for the soul

Sir Ken Robinson: How To Discover Your True Talents @ Forbes

  • life is not linear
  • money is no guarantee of happiness
  • the greatest obstacles to finding your Element may lie inside you

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Oracle 12.1c in-memory database

Oracle Makes Big Promises After Weak Earnings - Software - Enterprise:
Ellison also revealed that Oracle will announce a 12c upgrade by year end that will delivery in-memory capabilities, a clear response to SAP Hana as well as in-memory database enhancements promised by IBM and Microsoft.

"Oracle 12.1c will be an in-memory database designed to work exceedingly well with our M-Series [Sparc] machines, which have more memory than any other computer on the planet," said Ellison, noting that the M-Series offers 32 terabytes of RAM. "One of the reasons I was very confident that SAP Hana could never compete with Oracle over the long term is because of 12.1c.""

So relational databases will for NoSQL try similar "trick"
used to compete with Object and XML databases before,
"embrace and extend"...