Sunday, June 03, 2012

Solution for Information Overload

InfoQ: Dealing with Information Overload and Improving Effectiveness:
by Scott Hanselman

Windows 8 IE Metro Renders Flash

InfoQ: Microsoft Has Changed Its Mind: Windows 8 IE Metro Renders Flash:

"In a surprising twist, Microsoft has made available Windows 8 Release Preview with support for Flash in IE 10 Metro and Desktop, both on x86 and ARM platforms.
Microsoft has included a power-optimized and touch-friendly Flash in IE10/Metro that will load web pages included in the Compatibility View (CV) list. If a website is not on the CV list, the rendering will be transferred to IE/Desktop. Microsoft wants to be able to let users see popular Flash websites without having to leave IE/Metro

Silverlight is not mentioned, and it is likely to be treated the same. In fact, having "desktop" and "metro" web browser behave differently is a bit strange.

Even more, it appears that limited desktop mode will be available in Windows RT, that is ARM based Windows 8, for tablets.

It is likely that Microsoft marketing has realized that main competitor is Android, and that limiting features may not be best after all...

.gov API

Barack Obama Directs All Federal Agencies to Have an API @ API Evangelist:

That is "Web API", "REST" based.

The thinking may be: if can move to web services by a decree of the CEO,
why not the whole government?

The direction is good in general, but "devil is in the details", as usual.
For one Amazon that is successful, there are many businesses that are not as much.