Thursday, July 10, 2014

AngularJS 2.0 = DurandalJS 2.0

podcast: The Future of Durandal with Rob Eisenberg @ .NET Rocks!:

A huge momentum behind Angular, driving the future of the web.

It is inclusive: using parts from other two major "SPA" libraries,

parts of it being used in node.js,

and even being supported by Microsoft VisualStudio in a major way.

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Nikola Tesla's Birthday

Nikola Tesla's Birthday:
Nikola Tesla's Birthday
Nikola Tesla - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nikola Tesla's Once-Neglected NY Lab Gets a New Life
Tesla's lab at Wardenclyffe 
Today, July 10, on Tesla's 158th birthday, the organization announced that billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, who named his electric car company after Tesla, has pledged $1 million to the creation of the museum.

Google "Kubernetes" Container Management Coalition

Google Leads Coalition For Container Management - InformationWeek:
"IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat, Docker unite behind Google's Kubernetes as a container management system."