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Node.js Worker threads

How To Use Multithreading in Node.js | DigitalOcean

Node.js runs JavaScript code in a single thread, which means that your code can only do one task at a time. However, Node.js itself is multithreaded and provides hidden threads through the libuv library, which handles I/O operations like reading files from a disk or network requests. Through the use of hidden threads, Node.js provides asynchronous methods that allow your code to make I/O requests without blocking the main thread.

Node.js introduced the worker-threads module, which allows you to create threads and execute multiple JavaScript tasks in parallel. Once a thread finishes a task, it sends a message to the main thread that contains the result of the operation so that it can be used with other parts of the code. The advantage of using worker threads is that CPU-bound tasks don’t block the main thread and you can divide and distribute a task to multiple workers to optimize it.

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