Tuesday, March 06, 2012

HTML5 performance: iOS = Android x 3

Apple iOS HTML5 performance far exceeds Android | The Digital Home - CNET News

(Credit: Spaceport)

This may be relevant for writing visually intense apps, such as games.
In those cases "native" is better choice anyway.

Google engineers are working on Chrome web browser for Android,
but it is only available for latest version of Android (4.x).

The spaceport.io did the testing,
and the product they are making is API to utilize WebGL,
that is to skip standard HTML DOM and access graphical hardware directly...

Fiat 500L from Serbia

Trivia: Will The Fiat 500L Be First Serbian-Built Car Sold In The U.S.?

FIAT 500L @ Geneva autoshow

It looks quite similar to 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman Priced at $21,650, up to 35 MPG

Getting Started with the Internet of Things

Book: Getting Started with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a global network of computers, sensors and actuators connected through Internet protocols.

The Web of Things consists of RESTful Web services that measure or manipulate physical properties.

More on this in the following excerpt of the book

The Internet of Things is what you get when you connect zillions of embedded computers to the Internet, along with all kinds of sensors and actuators. It has become possible thanks to several recent technical advances:
  • Low-cost microcontrollers that are powerful enough to support Internet and Web protocols
  • Software platforms and tools that can be used for programming everything from embedded devices to servers in the cloud
  • Cloud computing services that make it easy to store, process and present huge amounts of sensor data
  • The REST architecture for systems consisting of many networked computers
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