Sunday, October 05, 2014

IoT: Healthcare by Intel - IoT-Healthcare Policy Principles FINAL 7-25-14 (3).pdf

"Within the next ten years, half of all care will be delivered virtually, with 

providers paid based on their teamwork and quality"

Installing Xamarin on MacBook Pro


Carl Franklin - Blog - MacBook Pro + Parallels + Windows 8.1 + Visual Studio + Xamarin = awesome:

Configure - Apple Store (U.S.)
Max. configuration of MacBook Pro: $3199
15" retina display, 16GB RAM, 1 TB PCIe SSD, i7 2.8 GHz

tech: PCI Express (PCIe) SSD

What is PCIe solid state storage? - Definition from
"PCIe, which stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect Express, is a high-speed expansion card format that connects a computer with its attached peripherals. PCIe has a point-to-point architecture. This means that each device connects to the host with its own serial link and does not have to share a bus

In general, PCIe-based solid-state storage has better performance than server-based SATA, SAS or Fibre Channel (FC) solid-state drives because of the direct connections. This makes it a good choice for applications that have intensive input/output (I/O) requirements, such as online transaction processing and data warehousing."

"The higher performance of PCIe SSD (Fusion-io'sioXtreme Pro can deliver a throughput of 2.1 Gbps)"

"PCIe flash storage technology, an upgrade that promises to boost performance by 10 times over the hard drives in current models."

OCZ PCI Express (PCIe) SSD:

bootable SSDs take the SATA bottleneck out of the equation and use a high-speed PCI Express architecture coupled with a sophisticated workstation-grade RAID array that virtualizes the SSD controllers ensuring easy installation and seamless functionality.

"Angular-charts" = AngularJS + D3 (!)


angular directives for commonly used d3 charts
Charts make data easy, coding them should not be hard

Comparison of AngularJS directives for charts in front end app development - Blog

Uber vs. Apple Pay by O'Reilly

What Amazon, iTunes, and Uber teach us about Apple Pay - O'Reilly Radar:

Uber is a $3.5 billion lesson in building for how the world *should* work instead of optimizing for how the world *does* work.”"

(Tweet from Aaron Levie of

"In the case of Uber, I summoned the car. The driver already knows my name and my face, and our phones are traveling in tandem. Uber knows what I owe based on GPS, not by presenting me with a bill. And it charges me automatically. I “pay” simply by getting out of the car. That is the future of payment, not “hold[ing] your iPhone near the contactless reader with your finger on Touch ID.”

So, in a sense, Apple Pay is payments for everyone who hasn’t caught up with the fact that truly disruptive services have already done away with the old payment model."