Thursday, December 12, 2013

Learning F#: Books and tutorials

Learning F# | The F# Software Foundation:

Try F#: Learn

Introduction to F# - @pluralsight

FunScript - F# to JavaScript with type providers

FunScript - F# to JavaScript with type providers:
"FunScript is a lightweight F# library that lets you rapidly develop single-page (web) applications. You can connect to external data sources and call REST APIs with intellisense, produce dashboards using JavaScript visualization libraries and write asynchronous computations easily without explicit callbacks."

Make More Money by Giving Away...

Make More Money by Giving Away Your Most Expensive Product | Flash Foresights from Daniel Burrus | Big Think:
... problem was keeping a major source of revenue flowing, and that’s the long-term parts and service business. Global competitors have created knock-off parts that can be used in place of official Pratt & Whitney parts and they can be serviced by non-Pratt & Whitney technicians.

"take your biggest problem and skip it...

 Pratt & Whitney ... they came up with a great idea: 
Give customers the jet engine for free and have them pay a service fee based on the hours flown, with Pratt & Whitney taking care of all the service and maintenance..."

This is a similar technique to what Google is doing with Android and Chrome... and causing Microsoft to re-consider long standing "low prices, high volume"...