Wednesday, May 23, 2018

AI + Voice

Incredible research with analyzing human voice to detect all kinds of physical and psychological conditions of the speakers. Humans can sense a lot of information from the speech,
and apparently computer algorithms (ML/AI) could even much more,
from detecting is somebody is lying, intoxicated, physical features, health conditions...

With voice assistants now being available in as much as 70-90% of US homes,
this new research will create a whole new set of opportunities and challenges, soon...

Voice with Rita Singh | Software Engineering Daily (podcast interview)

"A sample of the human voice is a rich piece of unstructured data. Voice recordings can be turned into visualizations called spectrograms. Machine learning models can be trained to identify features of these spectrograms. Using this kind of analytic strategy, breakthroughs in voice analysis are happening at an amazing pace."

“Every person's voice is unique, just like your fingerprint and DNA, so we are on our way to converting voice to kind of like a barcode to identify every human,” said Singh, who has been studying voice for decades. “Basically, we are trying to sketch the entire persona of a human and their environment.”

Advanced self-driving cars research originated at Carnegie Mellon University, 
and spread to Stanford, Google and many other places. Apparently AI is advancing in other domains, too.

Forget Face ID. The Future of Secure Authentication Is Your Voice | Fortune