Saturday, January 04, 2014

Simple.Data, Simple.Web

"A lightweight, dynamic data access component for .NET, written in C#.

What is it?
Prompted by the need for an easy-to-use database access component which prevents SQL injection attacks while not requiring lots of boilerplate ADO.NET code or a pre-generated ORM model. Inspired by Ruby's ActiveRecord and DataMapper gems."

"Simple.Web is a REST-focused, object-oriented Web Framework for .NET 4."

HTML5 Rocks: Playground, Tutorial, JavaScript 'Promises'

HTML5 Rocks Playground:

Tutorials - HTML5 Rocks

JavaScript Promises: There and back again - HTML5 Rocks

Javascript Promises/Q Library @ SlideShare

JavaScript Promises by Shawn Wildermuth

link from: Building with Mark Rendle @ .NET Rocks

AngularUI for AngularJS

AngularUI for AngularJS:
The companion suite(s) to the AngularJS framework.