Saturday, April 26, 2014

"3D" Parallax View with Google Camera

DEPTHY the Lens Blur viewer:
"Make a photo using Lens Blur mode and load it using the button below.
Photos are processed on your device - no uploading!
It works on your Android device too!"

Google Camera - Android Apps on Google Play
The app saves images data in such way to preserve more (or multiple) info,
a the viewer then can simulate 3D=like view by slight movements.

Google Camera - screenshot thumbnail

Note: Works only on phones and tablets running Android 4.4+ KitKat

S vremena na vreme - Moj svet

YouTube Search

Moj svet - S vremena na vreme
Svako vreme ostaje
  u sećanju vršnjaka svojih
kao vreme ludosti
  strahova i radosti
al' ono što mu daje sjaj
  to je neko drugo vreme

Neprohodnim stazama
   išlo se u novo sutra
u ono magično
   što nikad nije konačno
u nama tinja isti žar
   i ista pesma je u nama

Moj svet
   čaroban i lep
sigurnost mi daje
   ka novom me vodi
moj svet
   čaroban i lep
sigurnost mi daje
   ja verujem u to...

Infographic: The Internet of Things

Infographic: The Internet of Things | News & Opinion |
"While there's been a lot of discussion about whether the Internet makes us dumb, a new infographic from SAP explores how companies and municipalities deploying so-called smart technologies can improve our lives rather than turn us into bleary-eyed dummies."

Internet of Things

Distributed Datа: Consistency

Don't Settle for Eventual Consistency - ACM Queue:

"Geo-replication brings two key benefits to Web services: fault tolerance and low latency. It provides fault tolerance through redundancy: if one data center fails, others can continue to provide the service. It provides low latency through proximity: clients can be directed to and served by a nearby data center to avoid speed-of-light delays associated with cross-country or round-the-globe communication. 

Geo-replication brings its challenges, however. The famous CAP theorem, conjectured by Brewer1 and proved by Gilbert and Lynch,7 shows it is impossible to create a system that has strong consistency, is always available for reads and writes, and is able to continue operating during network partitions."

Dont Settle for Eventual Consistency

This experiment shows that for this real-world workload Eiger's causal consistency and stronger semantics do not impose significant overhead.

UX: the internet of things on Pinterest

UX: the internet of things on Pinterest:

Infographic Journal on Bloglovin

The Internet of Things: Heading Towards a Smart Planet 

Learning Path: AngularJS @ pluralsight

Learning Path: AngularJS:

AngularJS has held the top spot at Pluralsight for several months, so it’s about time for an AngularJS learning path!

There is something a bit strange about Angular, to take so much attention...
And it is not an easy technology, it is just easy to start... 

The sooner "web components"  become part of HTML, the better,
since most of this "glue" is better in browser, not in script libraries. 

Amazon Coins 500 Amazon Coins: Amazon Coins:

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Amazon Coins
Not quite like BitCoin, but good marketing.
Essentially a virtual gift card.

Numerical Libraries for F# and .NET

Overview: Numerical Libraries for F# and .NET Framework:

Math.NET Numerics is released under the MIT license (allowing unlimited commercial and noncommercial use). 
The F# PowerPack and the F# MathProvider are both released under Apache 2.0 license (allowing unlimited commercial and noncommercial use). 
Microsoft Software Foundation is available in several versions. The Express edition is freely available, Standard edition is available as part of MSDN Subscription and Enterprise/Academic version can be obtained either commercially or as part of MSDN Academic Alliance.