Wednesday, February 19, 2014

new Google Maps

The new Google Maps is here, and it could kill off the competition | News | TechRadar:
New Google Maps
new (left, orange roads) vs old (blue, green roads)

The gorgeous new Google Maps will soon be available to all | News | TechRadar

Google Fiber += 34 New Cities

Google Fiber, Ultrahigh-Speed Internet, May Expand to 34 New Cities -

Facebook += WhatsApp - $19B

Facebook buying messaging app WhatsApp for $19B - The Washington Post: "...paying $12 billion in Facebook stock and $4 billion in cash for WhatsApp. In addition, the app’s founders and employees — 55 in all — will be granted restricted stock worth $3 billion that will vest over four years after the deal closes." (deal translates to roughly 11 percent of Facebook’s market value)

WhatsApp has more than 450 million monthly active users.
...It also lets users communicate with people overseas without incurring charges for pricey international texts and phone calls. 
...It costs $1 per year and has no ads (first year free)"

So this is $42.2 / user, that are paying (at best) $1 / year...


SmartGlass: "Second screen experiences"

How to write engaging second screen experiences, using SmartGlass or Win8 | Dave Voyles | Tech Evangelist at Microsoft:

It would be nice if it could work with a regular Windows PC,
not only with Xbox, for using mobile/touch devices as a touchpad,
moving web screens etc...