Sunday, September 23, 2012

Stanford "Class2Go"

Another online education system from Stanford...

Stanford Class2Go - Coming Soon:
"Videos from Stanford professors with interactive in-video quizzes give you a chance to learn from Stanford professors and then practice what you've learned.

Formative and summative exercises built on the Khan Academy's exercise framework provide new formats for taking your learning to the next level.

Innovation: image index of videos (snapshots for faster locating content).
Udacity has very short video segments, but no image index.
That is, not by default. With my own "Explorer" for it has it :)

Browse an image index to find specific topics and quizzes within videos

7 Google Maps API Alternatives

The top seven alternatives to the Google Maps API | Feature | .net magazine

"Google's Map API is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries on the web, used by more than 350,000 websites. And with good reason – it's powerful and for six years was absolutely free.
in October 2011 when its announced it would start charging the heaviest users of Google Maps
Google's price was quite high – $4 per thousand map views
By June, Google realised it had priced its maps too high and was in danger of losing most of its potential paying customers, so it dropped the price by 88% to 50 cents per thousand views. But the damage had been done. Other vendors and open-source solutions had already attracted attention as reasonable alternatives."