Monday, September 03, 2012

The Oatmeal comics >> Lawyers

A bizarre case where another site was stealing his content from comics site
and when requested to stop doing this, they have sued the comic back!

As a response, the comic has published the letter on his web site,
and asked visitors to contribute to charities (anti cancer and pro wildlife)

Long story short, he has raised a large amount of money for charities ($100+ K for each),
and the lawyer for clone web site was "taken care of".

The Oatmeal’s Legal Battle Ends (I Hope) With A Giant Bag of Money

Operation BearLove Good, Cancer Bad has ended. Now what? - The Oatmeal

total money going to charity: $211,223.04.

Recently, TheOatmeal has again proven value of his "Social Network"
by raising more than $1 million for saving site of Nikola Tesla lab from destruction.