Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More HTC / Facebook Phone Details Emerge - SlashGear

More HTC / Facebook Phone Details Emerge - SlashGear

...the rumored Facebook phone being developed by HTC.
The device is said to have Facebook’s color scheme
and branding and be focused around the Facebook news feed.

-Location-aware coupons that push to your phone when you are near where you can actually use them.

-An always-on GPS service that runs in the background and shares your info with friends / apps like the coupon thing. There are some disturbing privacy implications there, but I doubt most buyers will care.

-Very little, if any, local storage. Everything is in the cloud.

-There will be a camera, but it will upload straight to the cloud.

-The phone will include a news ticker notification system that pushes all of your different accounts into one mass inbox.