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AI Music: Loudly, Suno

 AI Music: It's WAY Better Than You Think - YouTube

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Pi: Personal AI; Mustafa Suleyman interview, book; Microsoft

Mustafa Suleyman: The AI Pioneer Reveals the Future in 'The Coming Wave' | Intelligence Squared - YouTube
Mustafa Suleyman is the ultimate AI insider. As co-founder of DeepMind and Inflection AI, he is one of the pioneers of the artificial intelligence revolution, potentially the single greatest accelerant of progress in history .Investors in Inflection AI include the likes of Microsoft, Nvidia and Bill Gates.

from transcript:

"over the last 10 years every single year the amount of compute
that we have used for The Cutting Edge AI models has grown by 10x so 10x 10x
10x 10x 10 times in a row now that is unprecedented in technology history
nowhere else have we seen a trajectory anything like that over the next five
years We'll add probably three or four orders of magnitude basically another thousand times the compute that you see
used today to produce gbt4 or the chat model that you might interact with..."

Inflection AI Introduces Pi, Your Personal AI

Pi ( A new class of AI, Pi is designed to be a kind and supportive companion offering conversations, friendly advice, and concise information in a natural, flowing style.

Pi, your personal AI

Mustafa Suleyman - Wikipedia

Mustafa Suleyman CBE (born August 1984) is a British artificial intelligence (AI) entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Microsoft AI, and the co-founder and former head of applied AI at DeepMind, an AI company acquired by Google.[1][2] After leaving DeepMind, he co-founded Inflection AI, a machine learning and generative AI company, in 2022.

Microsoft paid Inflection AI $620 million for the nonexclusive right to sell access to the Inflection AI model through its Azure Cloud over a multiyear period, the companies confirm. Microsoft paid an additional $33 million for a waver from claims against it related to hiring Inflection employees.

The company was founded by entrepreneurs Reid Hoffman, Mustafa Suleyman and KarΓ©n Simonyan in 2022. The company has collaborated with Nvidia to develop hardware for generative artificial intelligence.[7]

In June 2023, the company raised $1.3 billion USD at $4 billion valuation.[7]

In March 2024, Suleyman and Simonyan announced their departure from the company in order to start Microsoft AI

performance: One Billion Rows Challenge

strange thing: using strings where binary format would be much more appropriate...
anyway, interesting code challenge

The One Billion Row Challenge (1BRC) is intended to be a fun exploration of how far modern Java can be pushed for aggregating one billion rows from a text file. .

What is the 1BRC challenge?

Input: A text file containing temperature values for a range of weather stations. Each row is one measurement in the format <string: station name>;<float: measurement>.

Output: For each unique station, find the minimum, average and maximum temperature recorded and emit the final result on STDOUT in station name’s alphabetical order with the format {<station name>:<min>/<average>/<max>;<station name>:<min>/<average>/<max>}.

This article describes the nine solutions in Go, each faster than the previous. The first, a simple and idiomatic solution, runs in 1 minute 45 seconds on my machine, while the last one runs in 3.4 seconds.

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animated chess: lichess books

Books • "hot"

Books • "popular"

Fundamentals by Capablanca •

Capablanca's Best Chess Endings •

Index to Useful Studies •

OpenAPI codegen tools

openapi-typescript - npm

openapi-typescript generates TypeScript types from static OpenAPI schemas quickly using only Node.js. It is fast, lightweight, (almost) dependency-free, and no Java/node-gyp/running OpenAPI servers necessary. (MIT license)

Tools for consuming OpenAPI schemas in TypeScript.

npm i -D openapi-typescript # supports Swagger/OpenAPI v3
# or
npm i -D openapi-typescript@5 # supports OpenAPI v2

npx openapi-typescript ./path/to/my/schema.yaml -o ./path/to/my/schema.d.ts 
# πŸš€ ./path/to/my/schema.yaml -> ./path/to/my/schema.d.ts [7ms]

npx openapi-typescript -o ./path/to/my/schema.d.ts 
# πŸš€ -> ./path/to/my/schema.d.ts [250ms]

it works, but the generated code is not quite "idiomatic" typescript.


acacode/swagger-typescript-api: TypeScript API generator via Swagger scheme @GitHub

 npx swagger-typescript-api -p ./swagger.json -o ./src -n myApi.ts

swagger-api/swagger-codegen: swagger-codegen contains a template-driven engine to generate documentation, API clients and server stubs in different languages by parsing your OpenAPI / Swagger definition. @GitHub

Generating typescript API client from Swagger

OpenAPI-Specification/ at main · OAI/OpenAPI-Specification

About Swagger Specification | Documentation | Swagger

Swagger Editor

ferdikoomen/openapi-typescript-codegen: NodeJS library that generates Typescript or Javascript clients based on the OpenAPI specification

OpenAPITools/openapi-generator: OpenAPI Generator allows generation of API client libraries (SDK generation), server stubs, documentation and configuration automatically given an OpenAPI Spec (v2, v3)

example: Rustici Software SDK from Swagger codegen

viewing OpenApi in Swagger-UI

mapping local file swagger/index.yml to running docker container /tmp/index.yml

# unix bash
docker run -p 8000:8080 -e SWAGGER_JSON=/tmp/index.yml -v $(pwd)/swagger:/tmp --name=swagger-ui -d swaggerapi/swagger-ui
open http://localhost:8000

# windows powershell
docker run -p 8000:8080 -e SWAGGER_JSON=/tmp/index.yml -v ${pwd}/swagger:/tmp --name=swagger-ui -d swaggerapi/swagger-ui
start http://localhost:8000

# stop and remove
docker stop swagger-ui
docker rm swagger-ui

EV: Tesla Cybertruck & Roadster reviews

excellent reviews!

Tesla Cybertruck Review: Already Iconic? - YouTube

Tri-Motor CyberBeast vs Dual Motor Cybertruck Drag Race - YouTube

Tesla Roadster - Living with the Original! - YouTube

The Tesla Roadster Tricked Enthusiasts Into Loving EVs — Jason Cammisa Revelations Ep. 30 - YouTube

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save SVG (and HTML) as RDF graph

SVG is DOM, meaning it has a hierarchy of nodes, same as HTML, just as different XML variant.
Any any hierarchy is a "graph", and RDF designed for representing graphs.
So, technically SVG could be a "semantic web" visual graph.
Why? Just because it could be done, I guess :)

Old Dog, New Tricks by Kurt Cagle @ LinkedIn
Expressing SVG (and HTML) as RDF

There are many good use-cases for RDF variants, while SVG may not be one of them... 
Visual graphs, expressed in higher-level model, that would be a very good use-case for RDF.

Resource Description Framework - Wikipedia

But RDF itself is already obscure enough, unless used in simplified serialization such as N3.

We may need to use AI to come up with a simpler to use graph representation syntax...

API specs: Swagger/OpenAPI, WADL, RAML

Microsoft Azure AI APIs have specs in Swagger (JSON), WADL (XML) and "English" format.
Cognitive Services APIs Reference

Another approach is to use WADL, which can be generated by some tools. In this case, it’s machine-readable, but definitely not human-readable. Also, writing a WADL manually is a tedious process.

RESTful API Modeling Language (RAML) is a YAML-based language for describing static APIs (but not REST APIs).

Revisiting the features offered in WADL, RAML, and Swagger - RESTful Java Web Services - Second Edition [Book]





Release date




File format




Open source




Commercial offering




Language support


JS, Java, Node, PHP, Python, and Ruby

Clojure, Go, JS, Java, .Net, Node, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Scala



Basic, Digest, OAuth 1, and OAuth 2

Basic, API Key, and OAuth 2

API console




Code generation for server (Java)




Code generation for client (Java)




Apache ECharts: JavaScript Visualization

Apache ECharts
An Open Source JavaScript Visualization Library

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EV for $25K, now, worth it?

Fisker Ocean SUV: You can buy it for $25,000 right now. But there might be a catch | CNN Business

A brand new luxury electric SUV for the holy-grail price of $25,000. There just might be a slight catch.

The California-based electric SUV company Fisker faces a real possibility of bankruptcy,

The car itself has had some bad reviews. The Ocean was also the subject of a scathing review by American YouTube personality Marques Brownlee. His video was titled, “This is the Worst Car I’ve Ever Reviewed.”

This is the Worst Car I've Ever Reviewed - YouTube

JavaScript Promises Visualized

JavaScript Visualized - Promise Execution - YouTube

πŸ“ Blog Post: πŸ“š ECMA spec:

Node.js: The Documentary

Node.js: The Documentary | An origin story - YouTube

Back in 2008, most people thought of JavaScript as just a client-side language. But when Google's V8 appeared, young developer Ryan Dahl made the connection between non-blocking servers, V8, and JavaScript. It was by combining these key elements that he was able to create the now hugely popular Node.js. What young Ryan Dahl probably didn't expect was how much forking drama would follow.

Ryan Dahl (born 1981) is an American software engineer who is best known for creating the Node.js JavaScript runtime as well as the Deno JavaScript/TypeScript runtime

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Devin: AI software engineer? + OpenDevin; SWE-bench

 Introducing Devin, the first AI software engineer

With our advances in long-term reasoning and planning, Devin can plan and execute complex engineering tasks requiring thousands of decisions. Devin can recall relevant context at every step, learn over time, and fix mistakes.

Can Language Models Resolve Real-World GitHub Issues?

"Devin correctly resolves 13.86%* of the issues end-to-end, far exceeding the previous state-of-the-art of 1.96%. Even when given the exact files to edit, the best previous models can only resolve 4.80% of issues."

a sceptic view on this

OpenDevin, an open-source project aiming to replicate Devin, an autonomous AI software engineer who is capable of executing complex engineering tasks and collaborating actively with users on software development projects. This project aspires to replicate, enhance, and innovate upon Devin through the power of the open-source community.

  • AI startup Cognition develops an AI software engineering platform that can automate entire projects.
  • Devin has impressed big names in AI, like former Tesla AI director Andrej Karpathy.
  • Well-funded by Peter Thiel and tech leaders, Cognition plans to offer early access to Devin for engineering teams soon.

AI + C programming mastery

a skeptical view on autonomy new programming tools...
and hopeful vision of future where such tools are helping productivity
AI just replaced us with Devin... seriously? Dr Chuck! - YouTube

a class mentioned that a good foundational knowledge of C programming 
is a basis of mastery and ability to learn quickly any new tool or language
CC4E - C Programming for Everybody

this is a public version of essential C programming book

book & source code 
csev/cc4e: C Programming for Everybody @GitHub
cc4e/book/code at master · csev/cc4e @GitHub

video "reading" or the book
Learn C Programming with Dr. Chuck (feat. classic book by Kernighan and Ritchie) - YouTube

previous popular course from the same author 
PY4E - Python for Everybody

related course
C for Everyone: Programming Fundamentals Course (UCSC) | Coursera

Free online C (and other languages) compilers

C complier in Docker container image

Original co-author of the referenced book

some C language tutorials online

JavaScript speed: forEach, .map, .reduce vs for, for..of

Performance of JavaScript .forEach, .map and .reduce vs for and for..of

Both for and for..of are 3.5 times faster than reduce. However, the loops are much more verbose.
.forEach is almost the same as for or for..of, only 3 times slower.

Here we just calculate the sum of a and b for the whole array:

return array.reduce((p, x) => p + x.a + x.b, 0);

Both for and for..of are 3.5 times faster than reduce. However, the loops are much more verbose:

let result = 0;for (const { a, b } of array) {   result += a + b;}return result;

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Embed Power BI analytics

 Embed Power BI analytics - Training | Microsoft Learn

cloud native: dapr: k8s demo

quickstarts/tutorials/hello-kubernetes at master · dapr/quickstarts @GitHub

This tutorial will get you up and running with Dapr in a Kubernetes cluster. You will be deploying the same applications from Hello World. To recap, the Python App generates messages and the Node app consumes and persists them. The following architecture diagram illustrates the components that make up this quickstart:

Monday, March 25, 2024

new JavaScript engines & runtimes

 saghul/txiki.js: A tiny JavaScript runtime @GitHub (C)

txiki.js is a small and powerful JavaScript runtime. It targets state-of-the-art ECMAScript and implements many web platform features.

It's built on the shoulders of giants: it uses QuickJS-ng as its JavaScript engine and libuv as the platform layer

awslabs/llrt: LLRT (Low Latency Runtime) is an experimental, lightweight JavaScript runtime designed to address the growing demand for fast and efficient Serverless applications. @GitHub, by Amazon

EV: $27K Skoda Epiq

 New $25,000 Skoda Epiq is an Electric SUV that will destroy the Toyota Corolla - YouTube

why did they use name "epiq", already used by Hyundai

2023 Hyundai Ioniq 5 Epiq AWD review - Drive

this will be a year earlier than anticipated Tesla's model 2, for similar price

Ε koda Epiq

Redis -= Open Source license, alternatives: Redict, Garnet

Redis Adopts Dual Source-Available Licensing | Redis

all future versions of Redis will be released with source-available licenses. Starting with Redis 7.4, Redis will be dual-licensed under the Redis Source Available License (RSALv2) and Server Side Public License (SSPLv1). Consequently, Redis will no longer be distributed under the three-clause Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD).

redict/redict: A distributed key/value database - @GitHub

Redict is a distributed key/value store (a remote dictionary, if you will).

Redict is an independent fork of Redis®* OSS 7.2.4 licensed under the Lesser GNU General Public license (LGPL-3.0-only). Redict is not affiliated with Redis®.

microsoft/garnet: Garnet is a remote cache-store from Microsoft Research that offers strong performance (throughput and latency), scalability, storage, recovery, cluster sharding, key migration, and replication features. Garnet can work with existing Redis clients.
  • Garnet is a new remote cache-store from Microsoft Research, that offers several unique benefits:Garnet adopts the popular RESP wire protocol as a starting point, which makes it possible to use Garnet from unmodified Redis clients available in most programming languages of today, such as StackExchange.Redis in C#.
  • Garnet offers much better throughput and scalability with many client connections and small batches, relative to comparable open-source cache-stores, leading to cost savings for large apps and services.
  • Garnet demonstrates extremely low client latencies (often less than 300 microseconds at the 99.9th percentile) using commodity cloud (Azure) VMs with accelerated TCP enabled, which is critical to real-world scenarios.
  • Based on the latest .NET technology, Garnet is cross-platform, extensible, and modern. It is designed to be easy to develop for and evolve, without sacrificing performance in the common case. We leveraged the rich library ecosystem of .NET for API breadth, with open opportunities for optimization. Thanks to our careful use of .NET, Garnet achieves state-of-the-art performance on both Linux and Windows.

links from

Changelog News #87 (2024-03-25)

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photos: Hubble Space Telescope on Unsplash

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope is on Unsplash

Microsoft Azure AI Solutions: AI-102

good Azure AI learning materials

Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate - Certifications | Microsoft Learn

Study guide for Exam AI-102: Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution | Microsoft Learn
Course AI-102T00--A: Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution - Training | Microsoft Learn


Course: AI-102 Microsoft Azure AI Solution Complete Exam Prep | Udemy Business
by Scott Duffy

+ related source
gottagetgit/AI102Files @GitHub, Python
gottagetgit/AI102Files-CSharp: Files for my AI-102 course @GitHub, C#
gottagetgit (gottagetgit) / Repositories

AI-102: Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solu | Udemy
by David Junior


Exam Prep AI-102: Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate | Coursera
by "Whizlabs"

energy: Google's geothermal with fracking

Google’s Billion Dollar Gamble: You Won't Believe What it is! - YouTube

A New Type of Geothermal Power Plant Just Made the Internet a Little Greener | WIRED

Project Red is small—producing between 2 and 3 megawatts of power, or enough to power a few thousand homes—but it is a crucial demonstration of a new approach to geothermal power that could make it possible to harness the Earth’s natural heat anywhere in the world.

The Nevada site, an “enhanced” geothermal system, or EGS, works differently. Instead of drilling into a natural hydrothermal system, Fervo dug into rock that is completely dry and effectively created an artificial hot spring by pumping down water that returns to the surface much hotter.

That strategy piggybacks on hydraulic fracturing techniques developed by the oil and gas industry. Fervo drilled two wells that each extended more than 7,000 feet down before turning fully horizontal. I

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Tempo.js vs moment.js, day.js

Tempo • Dates by FormKit

Tempo is a new library in a proud tradition of JavaScript date and time libraries. 

Inspired by the likes of moment.js, day.js, and date-fns
Tempo is built from the ground up to be as small and easy to use as possible
 — including first-class support for timezone operations.

Symbolic Math with Javascript: math.js

math.js | an extensive math library for JavaScript and Node.js
math.js has built-in support for symbolic computation (CAS). It can parse expressions into an expression tree and do algebraic operations like simplification and derivation on the tree.

math.js | an extensive math library for JavaScript and Node.js

mathjs - Libraries - cdnjs - The #1 free and open source CDN built to make life easier for developers

google/mathsteps: Step by step math solutions for everyone
A step by step solver for math

Nerdamer | Symbolic Math for Javascript
Nerdamer is a small and light-weight symbolic math expression evaluator written in javaScript. The parsing is done purely in javascript and uses no server-side program whatsoever. It can export to a pure javascript function, ideal for filtering user input.

Yaffle/Expression: A library to parse expressions, solve and simplify systems of linear equations, find eigenvalues and eigenvectors
It is a homemade library for JavaScript. It can parse expressions, solve and simplify systems of linear equations, find eigenvalues and eigenvectors, or calculate real roots of polynomials with integer coefficients for a specified accuracy.

Algebrite is a simple, comprehensible and extensible Javascript library for symbolic computation.

web: analog clock

"analog clock" @