Thursday, March 10, 2022

ChiselStrike: Serverless Backends from TypeScript

ChiselStrike - Automated Serverless Backends
Serverless Backendsfrom TypeScript

Why can’t we be friends?. Some people call me old. But the ones… | by Glauber Costa | Feb, 2022 | Medium

ChiselStrike is a Typescript execution engine with native data access capabilities.

You just define a model in TypeScript, without worrying whether this is a SQL Table or backed by something else, what shape should the table have, the specifics of your ids, etc:

And then if you want to use it to find all people in a specific country, you would write the following code:

Now just get people from the database! The entries in this example were of course added to the database beforehand, but there’s nothing special about that: just write an endpoint to ingest it and POST, PUT or PATCH it. Not shown for brevity

The result of that code is an HTTP endpoint that you can call from anywhere