Thursday, March 08, 2018

IoT startup by founder of Netscape: CommandScape

CommandScape - YouTube

Billionaire Netscape founder Jim Clark is back with a new, self-funded startup | TechCrunch

"CommandScape, a home-automation and building-control system that controls air conditioning, motorized shades, surveillance, lighting, fire alarms and other functions from a highly secure online platform that has cybersecurity at its core.

electronics journal CE ProCommandScape’s system is completely wired, delivering data and power to some products over a building’s existing AC wiring.

...passwords and usernames aren’t needed... Users are instead authenticated via their iPhones (with a systems administrator, or a parent, able to revoke permissions).

It could be an enormous company . . . in a slow-moving [$100 billion] market where technology is 15 years old,” Clark, now 73, told USA Today"

CommandScape : "Control and automate security, access control, lighting, HVAC, video surveillance, and more. All from one sleek and cybersecure integrated app."

Meet the Team"Jim Clark is the founder of CommandScape TM, a fully integrated cybersecure operating and control system for commercial buildings and larger homes. Jim is a prolific entrepreneur and founder of Netscape, Silicon Graphics, WebMD, MyCFO & Shutterfly."

Our Story"CommandScapeTM integrates its cybersecure alarm panel, climate, access and lighting controls, video surveillance and connected devices into both residential and commercial installations of any size."

Technology: TLS, iOS, AWS, GoLang, Kubernetes