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Javascript Byte Code

Javascript - Byte Code - YouTube

> node --print-bytecode --print-bytecode-filter=add2numbers

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Franziska Hinkelmann, Ph.D

Saylor Academy: free college-level education

Saylor Academy

Saylor Academy - Wikipedia

On its website, the foundation offers 317 free, college-level courses, which are selected as typical courses in high enrollment majors at traditional U.S. colleges.[3] Content is accessible without needing to register or log into the website, however an account is required to gain access to final exams, and a free certificate of completion.[1]

The foundation works with consultants to design the courses, typically university and college faculty members or subject experts The consultant develops a blueprint for the course, then researches open educational resources (OER) to supply the course with lectures, texts, and other resources. If suitable texts and documents are not found, the foundation works with faculty to compile new materials which it releases to the OER community under a Creative Commons license.[4] Each course is accompanied by an assessment.[1]

by Michael J. Saylor - Wikipedia

Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions The Mobile Wave: How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything: 9781593157203: Saylor, Michael J.: Books

Michael Saylor: Bitcoin, Inflation, and the Future of Money | Lex Fridman Podcast #276 - YouTube

#276 - Michael Saylor: Bitcoin, Inflation, and the Future of Money | Lex Fridman Podcast

Michael Saylor Keynote - YouTube

"move from fragile to agile" world:
try quickly, and then try something else if this does not work

"it does not need to be perfect, it just needs to work to advance civilization"

Michael J. Saylor Keynote - YouTube

we have much more computing power and content now than 20 years ago

we have much less attention now

Michael Saylor's MASTERCLASS in Cryptocurrency Investing and the Future of BITCOIN - YouTube