Friday, January 04, 2013

Icenium: Hybrid Cloud IDE for Mobile Apps


Icenium Videos and Demos

"Icenium is an Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE)
that gives developers the features and tools they need to build hybrid applications with ease."

A crazy mix that could just work.

My understanding is that compared to Adobe's Build.PhoneGap,
that is also able to build mobile apps on the cloud, Icenium has:

  • integraded deployment to local mobile devices,
  • debug connection to apps on mobile device
  • possibly (or that may be separate) a HTML5 libraries, like Kendo UI, for making apps that "look as native" in iOS and Android.

    The system included choices for development environment

  • "Graphite", a tool installed on a Windows computer, and
  • "Mist", a pure web/browser based IDE; in addition there is
  • "Ion", a iOS based app for testing apps.

    Other somewhat similar tools are Sencha
    and Appcelerator Titanium provide help with HTML5/JavaScript,
    and could also be combined with PhoneGap for building,
    but that is just a subset of this new Telerik's package...
    Very interesting...

    The system does not support WinRT (Windows 8 and WP8), at least not yet.

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