Thursday, April 03, 2014

node.js snmp

There are all kinds of applications for node.js, including network management...

node-snmp-native/ at master · calmh/node-snmp-native:
This is a native SNMP library for Node.js. The purpose is to provide enough functionality to perform large scale monitoring of network equipment. Current features towards this end are:
  • Full implementation of SNMPv2c, including 64 bit data types.
  • Support for Get, GetNext and Set requests, with optimizations such as GetAll and GetSubtree.
  • No unusual external dependencies, no non-JavaScript code.
  • Very high performance, unlimited parallellism. (There are always limits. However, there are no arbitrary such imposed by this code and you at least won't run out of file descriptors.)
  • De facto standards compliance. Generated packets are compared against Net-SNMP and should be identical in all relevant aspects.

net-snmp (npm)