Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Internet of Things: $14.4 trillion market

Cisco's Internet of Things boss on capturing a $14.4 trillion market - Silicon Valley Business Journal:

"The Internet of Everything (IoE) — physical devices wirelessly connected to the Internet — is expected to reach $14.4 trillion in value by 2022
... more than 30 billion devices will be connected to the IoE by 2020"

The Internet of Things is a big deal | ITworld

Quirky and GE Partner to Conquer the Internet of Things | Wired Design | Wired.com

Salesforce swoops on the Internet of Things with Salesforce1 | SiliconANGLE
Salesforce1 is a ‘mobile-first’ environment that underlines Salesforce’s determination to be one of the first platform providers that can successfully connect the enterprise to the billions of devices and sensors that make up the “Internet of Things”.

China: single time zone!

Time in China - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
"Time in China follows a single standard time of UTC+08:00, which is 8 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. China geographically spans five time zones and there were five time zones in use during the Republic of China (1912–1949). Since 1949 all of China has only had a single standard time, but UTC+06:00 is also used unofficially in Xinjiang and Tibet."

China Only Has One Time Zone—and That's a Problem - Matt Schiavenza - The Atlantic