Friday, September 08, 2023

web public proxy: ngrok free static URLs

ngrok is a very useful tool for web developers,
providing public proxy URL for app running on a local computer,
without need to open ports on router and firewalls.

it is a system including a small (CLI) app running on a local computer connected to
a public server with unique URL,
so web app running on local port becomes visible on public internet for testing

ngrok blog: Static domains for all ngrok users

Static domains are unique domains that are yours and don’t change. With your free static domain, you can focus on developing your application, and no longer need to worry about broken links caused by agent restarts. There’s no need to constantly keep updating webhook providers or mobile apps with new URLs or send new links to your team.

all ngrok users can claim one static domain for free

besides CLI app, ngrok also provides a SDK for direct integration with app,
as well as Kubernetes ingress container.