Thursday, January 07, 2016

OAuth 2.0 tutorial

OAuth 2.0 Tutorial |
Example of how OAuth 2.0 is used to share data via applications.

OAuth 2.0 in Azure AD @ MSDN

OpenID Connect 1.0 @ MSDN

Azure Graph Storage / Database

Using AzureGraphStore to store triples in Azure Table Storage | Richard Astbury's Blog

richorama/AzureStorageExtensions @ GitHub (C#, MIT)
A set of extensions to the Azure Storage SDK, to easily enable new types of storage, as abstractions over existing services.

An extension to the .NET SDK for Windows Azure Storage which adds a triple store abstraction over Table Storage. In simple terms, it makes it easy to use Table Storage as a graph database.

or just get Linux VM with Ne04j, leading Graph database, pre-installed...

Neo4j 2.0.1 Community Released on Windows Azure VM Depot - Neo4j Graph Database
(last updated in 2014)

historical trend of graph DBMS popularity @

It is not the same thing, though: Azure Storage is "service" vs classic database "servers", just running on the cloud. Examples Azure DocumentDB vs MongoDB, Azure SQL Database vs SQL Server.

So there may be a space for "Graph-like Database as as Service" in particular for IoT-like scenarios.

What is a Graph Database? - Neo4j Graph Database

property graph model

Graph database - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Microsoft has various other "Graphs" that are not databases:

Microsoft Graph - Home
Users, Groups, Mail, Calendars, Contacts, Files, Tasks, People, Notes and more - all from a single endpoint

API for Azure AD