Sunday, November 14, 2021

$B: Vercel += Svelte.js

Announcing $150M to build the end-to-end platform for the modern Web – Vercel

Our mission is to make the Web. Faster.
We're excited to announce $150 million in Series D funding at a valuation of over $2.5 billion. We'll use this funding to accelerate how we:

Support open-source projects
Make the Web Edge-first
Build the end-to-end development platform
Grow our team

Rich Harris on Twitter: "today is a big day for @sveltejs: i've joined @vercel to work on it full time! so happy about what this means for svelte's future. it'll be the same independent, pluralistic project as before, but with Vercel's backing we can get ✨ a m b i t i o u s ✨" / Twitter

Not just for React (Nex.js) anymore... 

Vercel welcomes Rich Harris, creator of Svelte – Vercel

Joining Vercel enables Rich to work on Svelte full-time, giving the project its first dedicated contributor. 

JavaScript Weekly Issue 564: November 12, 2021

Making the Web. Faster. with Guillermo Rauch, Founder & CEO of Vercel (Founders Talk #83) |> Changelog

Vercel is built on “Develop. Preview. Ship.”


Making the Web. Faster.
Next for Vercel
We’ve re-branded as Vercel
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The Changelog #426: What the web could be (in 2021 and beyond) with Guillermo Rauch & Amal Hussein
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In total, the company has now raised $163 million
and its current valuation is $1.1 billion.

$B = Unicorn

EV: China cars are coming?

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