Friday, October 12, 2012

Windows 8 Boots Too Fast

Windows 8 Boots Too Fast for its Own Good:
"the window of opportunity for Windows 8 to detect a request for a change to the OS’s boot order is just 200 miliseconds. That’s just 200 miliseconds to slap the F8 key if you want to start your system in Safe Mode or boot from another source. 

To deal with the issue, Microsoft has developed a three-tier solution that includes a new boot options menu accessible from within the operating system after start up is complete, a fail safe that automatically brings you to the boot menu if Windows doesn’t start properly and a way to get to the fail safe boot menu even if nothing is wrong with your computer

Writing Datomic in Clojure

Writing Datomic in Clojure: @ InfoQ, from GoTo 2012 conference

Rich Hickey, the author of Clojure and designer of Datomic

Datomic is new kind of database, where all facts are "atomic", 
and all data are write-only... Very clever... 

Google's Chrome: The Danish Magic Inside - Businessweek

Google's Chrome: The Danish Magic Inside - Businessweek:

JavaScript is changing the (web and other) development world
because of recently significantly improved performance.

That has all started with Google V8 engine in Chrome browser,
and now also used in node.js...

V8 started intense competition with other browsers, including IE9, IE10,
and now we can even program Windows 8 in JavaScript...

This is the story behind of V8, located in Google's Danish offices...

By the way, Microsoft's Anders Hejlsberg is also of Danish origin.

Wireless Nano Router

Road Warrior Required Equipment: The TP-LINK | Jesse Liberty

($27 on Amazon)
can also configure it to be a Router, a Repeater or a Bridge.