Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Short GUID string

Short GUID


32 characters


.Substring(0, 22).Replace("/", "_").Replace("+", "-");
22 characters


Base64 code encoding is convenient but not optimal, since it is using only 64 codes out of 95 view-able available in ASCII, and is using '/' and '+' that are not URL friendly.
It is using 6 out of 8 bits in a byte, so overhead compared to binary is 22/16 (37%). 
It is still better than typical hex format that takes 32 bytes instead of binary 16 (100% overhead). 

Since whole bytes are used, 22 final bytes can hold 132 bits, 
and GUID is 16 bytes = 128 bits, so there is a 4 extra bits that could be used for checksum. 

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