Friday, March 09, 2012

SproutCore - a JavaScript framework

SproutCore - About

"A JavaScript framework for writing powerful web applications with less code."

presentation about SproutCore @infoq by Yehuda Katz,
core contributor to jQuery, Ruby on Rails, and SproutCore.

For more complex web apps, "procedural" programming with using libraries
like jQuery results in complex solutions.
Alternative is more declarative, "MVC" based framework...

There is another similar framework, claiming to be "SproutCore 2"

The pace of changes in this area is clearly very fast...
webOS is using similar techniques,
so it is not surprising that despite an interesting idea
it could not compete from a slow corporate environment...

iPad cost and profit margin

Apple’s profit margin down on new iPad - SlashGear:

The article does not mention the total number of sales that keeps increasing...
With accelerated sales of iPads, Apple will still make more money in total.