Sunday, December 13, 2015

Swift language (and birds)

Swift is open source and why you should care - O'Reilly Media
"An initial look at Apple's open source Swift language."

"In Swift, values are not allowed to be null. (!)
Variables in Swift are only allowed to be nil, if they're not optional variables.
An optional variable is declared with a question mark after its type"

AI "Open Source" GPU HW by Facebook

More "open design" unless the software is also open sourced...
or just use Google's open source AI SW...

Facebook to open-source AI hardware design | Engineering Blog | Facebook Code | Facebook
"...most of the recent advances in these fields have been enabled by two trends: larger publicly available research data sets and the availability of more powerful computers — specifically ones powered by GPUs....truly tackling these problems at scale would require us to design our own systems. Today, we're unveiling our next-generation GPU-based systems for training neural networks..."
Open Rack V2 compatible 8-GPU server
Open Rack V2 compatible 8-GPU server