Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sideloading Android Apps

Testing application created by online PhoneGap Builder
requires installing app package to an Andorid device.

This is done by copy of .apk file to a folder on the device
(i.e. over USB), and enabling "Unknown Sources" in "Security" settings.

After this, need a file manage app to navigate to the folder with the file.
Metago's Astro File Manager works as expected.
Just "tap" on the file, accept to install, and that is it.

How to Sideload Android Apps | Maximum PC

Sideloading Android Apps on an Emulator

Self Portrait on Mars (NASA Curiosity)

Curiosity plays peekaboo: New self-shot before 9-month mountain climb - SlashGear

NASA keeps to re-refine what "complex" mean...
Nothing is too complex for a robot, as long as a program is there...

ASP.NET Single Page Apps Template

Inside the ASP.NET Single Page Apps Template | John Papa

Modern web applications, such as email (gmail, hotmail/outlook, yahoo mail), maps, etc
are often implemented in JavaScript and running inside of "single page" in web browsers.
The data are retrieved and send to web server as JSON (or XML),
and HTML UI rendering is done by JavaScript without getting whole HTML from the server.

Needless to say, such applications can get complicated quickly.
ASP.NET team is preparing a template that could structure and simplify making such apps,
by including various JavaScript libraries and generating basic code.

A big motivation for this approach is also support for mobile device,
even for mobile apps. Same JavaScript package could be bundled with thin wrapper (i.e. PhoneGap) and run as "native" app on iOS, Android or Windows Phone 8, and even Windows 8 RT.