Monday, August 08, 2016

A .NET IDE for the iPad

A very interesting dev tool, in particular how it works with iOS restrictions on apps.
Apparently, the restriction is on executing from memory, that is code created by reflection (JIT)
The solution here is to interpret .NET IL, like it was done in the first version of Java :)
But it is more "clever" by using common pre-compiled blocks of code.
So if this is acceptable by iOS, many other p-code languages could be used in the same way.
Or just use JavaScript for everything :)

A .NET IDE for the iPad? - Exploring Continuous with Frank Krueger on the Hanselminutes Technology Podcast: Fresh Air for Developers
"Frank Krueger is well known for his popular iOS applications like iCircuit and Calca. Frank creates his apps with Xamarin and C# or F#. But why not write these apps for the iPad *on the iPad?* Frank just released the incredible new apps Continuous for iOS. You CAN write .NET on an iPad, productively."

Changing the color of the ball in Pong

Walmart += (- $3.3 B) is a very interesting e-commerce startup from northern NJ, just across river from NY.
It is a "big data" platform, using F# as a preferred programming language and Azure cloud.
It is competing with Now, Walmart may provide the scale.
Can this out-Amazon is another question, since Amazon is a culture, not just a service.
And that is likely a very different culture than Walmart's...

Walmart buying for $3.3 billion to take on Amazon - Aug. 8, 2016

Why Walmart Buying To Try And Compete With Amazon Would Not Be A Match Made In Heaven - Forbes

Why Walmart is spending $3 billion for
"Walmart will acquire e-commerce start-up in a $3 billion cash deal expected to help the world's largest retailer become a powerhouse online shopping destination.
Walmart will thrown in another $300 million in shares paid out to Jet over time, according to the terms announced Monday.
Online sales are still just a fraction of Walmart's overall business, coming in at $13.6 billion last year, out of $482 billion in total revenue. Amazon hit more than $100 billion in sales in 2015. Walmart is the second most-trafficked retail website in the U.S. behind Amazon."