Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Google I/O 2014

Google I/O 2014:
I/O Live

Android Auto

Google gives us a simulated ride with Android Auto:

Android 'L'

Android TV

Google targets Amazon's and Apple's set-top boxes with Android TV platform: @ engadget

Much like on Apple's set-top box or Amazon's Fire TV, Google's platform is a convenient front-end for it to plug video content from its own collection, in this case the Play store. It runs apps from other content providers like Netflix, of course, and allows you to pump live TV through the interface

Android TV @ Google

Google officially unveils Android TV | The Verge

Android Wear: LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live

LG G Watch (Black Titan) - Devices on Google Play:

$229, July 3

Samsung Gear Live (Black) - Devices on Google Play

$199, July 8

Samsung Gear Live vs. LG G Watch vs. Moto 360 specs: Comparing the watches of Android Wear - CNET

LG G Smartwatch, Samsung Gear Live Smartwatch Go on Sale

Samsung Gear Live vs LG G Watch: Android Wear Comparison

Google Unveils Ambitious Android Expansion at Conference -

Android Wear smart watches the next big Google thing - SFGate

First Take: Android Wear looks beautiful on inside

tool: USBPcap for Wireshark


USBPcap is an open-source USB sniffer for Windows.
CaptureSetup/USB - The Wireshark Wiki

Capturing raw USB traffic, e.g. the packets a USB mouse will generate on the Universal Serial Bus.(with Linux and Windows)