Tuesday, January 13, 2015

China 2 Moon

China’s Space Program Reaches New Milestone on the Moon : SPACE : Science Times
"... its latest spacecraft service module has entered orbit around the moon, months after being used in the country's test flight that sent a prototype sample-return capsule on a flight around the moon and back to Earth."
The Moon

Google Forms, Slides, Sheets, Docs

Google Forms - create and analyze surveys, for free.
A simple way to create online forms for data collection (and save in Google Drive)

Google Slides - create and edit presentations online, for free.

Google Sheets - create and edit spreadsheets online, for free.

Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free.

podcast interview: The Google Cloud with Brad Abrams @ .NET Rocks!

Microsoft's 'Sway' Presentation Tool Now Available to All
"Need to create presentations fast? There are always apps like Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple's Keynote and Google Slides. But if you need to create and share presentations in a hurry, try Sway."

Google) Inbox, (Facebook) Paper, And (Microsoft) Sway:
Why Tech Giants Are Suddenly Reinventing Their Core Apps
| Fast Company | Business + Innovation