Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Webcam Review 2013 | Best Web Cameras

Webcam Review 2013 | Best Web Cameras | Wireless & USB Webcams - TopTenREVIEWS

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Ubuntu istead of Android in Smartphones

BBC News - Ubuntu operating system comes to Android smartphones

They are both based on Linux,
so there is no reason not to be able...
Ubuntu is usually a desktop OS...
So was the Windows until Windows 8...

Apple Objective-c for Microsoft .NET developers

Back cover of most recent MSDN magazine (part of Microsoft Developers subscription)
has a full page advertising for a free e-book

"Objective-C Succinctly: iOS development for .NET Developers"


There are many more free e-books in the same format (about 100 pages) available at

Maybe Microsoft does not mind sharing info about Apples "private" language,
since its arcane syntax may convince more people that C# is better.

Somebody could create "translator" of Objective-C to C#,
or at least to C++, with iOS APIs replaced with equivalent WinRT APIs...
That could be worth $millions for Microsoft now...

In fact, this is already done. There is a "front-end" for gcc (Gnu C compiler) that converts Objective-C to portable C... Still, platform APIs are not portable...

It is useful to learn another platform even if that is not immediately used...

iOS and Objective-c have a unique advantage of using the same,
very efficient, platform for both OS and applications.
No complicated COM or other interfaces and serialization, no virtual machines.
End result: faster apps, longer battery life.

On the other side, speed is not biggest issue. It is "Apps."
Many useful apps, and a reputation that "there is an app for it..."