Wednesday, April 04, 2018

AWS Summit San Francisco 2018

AWS Summit San Francisco 2018: Keynote with Dr. Werner Vogels and Dr. Matt Wood - YouTube

Keynote Analysis: Matt Wood & Werner Vogels | AWS Summit SF 2018 - YouTube

All about "SageMaker" ML/AI services... More than just IaaS


+ Azure, GCP, IBM, Oracle Cloud...

Not a "zero sum game"... "Legacy has to evolve", digital transformation, not easy, has to happen.

AWS "is for builders", who have "bias for action", "sustainable advantages"
"architecture for the modern stack", "serverless"
Big data: AWS vs Oracle
AWS: does now worry about competition, listen customers and move forward
"GDPR ready". Not just for developers anymore, for business decision makers.

event: #GlobalAzure Bootcamp 2018

#GlobalAzure Bootcamp 2018 | Blog | Microsoft Azure 2018-04-21

"The Global Azure Bootcamp (#GlobalAzure) is a worldwide series of one-day technical learning events for Azure. It is created and hosted by leaders from the global cloud developer community. This is community, pure and simple, at its very best. And you can join too!"