Saturday, December 31, 2022

WebAssembly apps

Fermyon Technologies | Fermyon Technologies (@FermyonTech)

Fermyon Cloud is the easiest way to deploy and manage cloud native WebAssembly applications with Spin, developer tool.


"When Web Assembly was created it was supposed to be a compile target, where you could compile your favorite programming language and then execute it inside of a web browser. This made it possible for developers to choose a programming language like C++ for compute intensive applications. Fermyon is taking Web Assembly to the cloud. With Fermyon Cloud deploying and managing cloud-native WebAssembly applications becomes a breeze. Matt Butcher is the CEO at Fermyon Technologies"

"Spin is an open source framework for building and running fast, secure, and composable cloud microservices with WebAssembly. It aims to be the easiest way to get started with WebAssembly microservices, and takes advantage of the latest developments in the WebAssembly component model and Wasmtime runtime.

Spin offers a simple CLI that helps you create, distribute, and execute applications, and in the next sections we will learn more about Spin applications and how to get started."

even Docker is working on WASM
docker run -dp 8080:8080 \
  --name=wasm-example \
  --runtime=io.containerd.wasmedge.v1 \
  --platform=wasi/wasm32 \