Monday, October 27, 2014

Amazon's Fire TV Stick

How Amazon's Fire TV Stick Compares to Other Streaming Dongles | WIRED:


Cars of the Future

Where We’re Going, We’ll Probably Still Need Cars | On Point with Tom Ashbrook:

This undated image provided by Google, shows an early version of Google's prototype self-driving car. For the first time, California's Department of Motor Vehicles knows how many self-driving cars are traveling on the state's public roads. The agency is issuing permits, Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014 that let three companies test 29 vehicles on highways and in neighborhoods. (AP)


Toyota vs. VW: Who Will Emerge as the Sales King? – Feature – Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog

RSync - Remote Synchronization Protocol

RSync - Remote Synchronization Protocol:

"RSync is a remote file (or data) synchronization protocol. It allows you to synchronize files between two computers. By synchronize, I mean make sure that both copies of the file is the same. If there are any differences, RSync detects these differences, and sends across the differences, so the client or server can update their copy of the file, to make the copies the same.

RSync is capable of synchronizing files without sending the whole file across the network."

The rsync algorithm (original article)

This would be very useful for "cloud" servers, backups etc.