Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Solargon: passive solar octagon house


is a Manufacturer of Building Components offering Modern Alternatives to Conventional Building Methods

 Solargon - The Passive Solar Smart Cabin (Official Website) - Solargon Passive Solar Designs from ICS Eco-SIPs

"Even during a mostly cloudy day, the Solargon will gain solar energy and efficiently heat itself without an internal heat source."

​Solargon's Passive solar designs can reduce demand for heat by 60%.

Model 30 (699 square feet octagon)

octagonal shape uses 20% less materials to enclose the same square footage as a standard rectangular home or building. 

Solargons go together very quickly. Erection and seal-in of the structure requires only a few hours for a 20' Solagon and two days for a 30' Solargon. Structural finishes such as flooring, cabinets, fixtures, detailing, and any internal wall construction will take a varying amount of time depending on your choices. It’s reasonable to anticipate being in your completed Solargon within a very few weeks, using an experienced contractor.

Solargon 30' Specs
Floor area 695 sq. ft.
Wall size: 12’w x 8’H or (optional 10’ high walls for loft area)
Total wall area for 8' high wall 768 sq. ft.
Total wall area for 10' high wall 960 sq. ft.
Concrete foundation size: 12’ sides x 12’= 96 l/f of footings w/ stem wall to frost line.
This model is only available in the 4-sided roof.
Roof area 267 sq. ft. per section
Total roof area 1,068 sq. ft.

MSRP for the 30′ model is $ 39,900
All walls R42 and roof panels R42, micro-lam headers, wall to wall connectors, glue-lam super structure and rafters, operable skylight,compression frame w/header and assembly manual. Wall and roof panels cam-lock together and the typical erection time is 2 days.

When your home is up you have the walls, roof, insulation, and rough electrical with boxes ready to go for about $55.00 per sq. ft. You then choose the interior and exterior finishing of your choice. An average home will cost about $125 to $150 per sq. ft. to finish so Solargons are very competitive.


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