Friday, November 01, 2013

Coursera “learning hubs” in foreign countries

Coursera Teams Up with State Department to Expand MOOC Footprint | Via Meadia:
 "In partnership with the State Department’s “MOOC Camp Initiative,” Coursera, the online education purveyor, is planning to open a number of “learning hubs” in foreign countries, where students can come to take free online courses that would include classroom discussions taught by locally based foreign service officers or Fulbright scholars.

The program is designed to overcome one of the most problematic issues facing the spread of MOOCs in the developing world: the lack of internet access. "

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Pluralsight Acquires Tekpub

Pluralsight Acquires Tekpub, Third Acquisition in 3 Months - BWWGeeksWorld:

Congratulations, Rob Conery!

Pluralsight acquires Tekpub to bring you more training | the pluralsight blog

Nexus 5 vs. Nexus 4

Nexus 5 vs. Nexus 4: Google delivers a worthy successor | Android |

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Moore's Law: It's Complicated

The Status of Moore's Law: It's Complicated - IEEE Spectrum:
"as chip foundries prepare to roll out 14-nm and 16-nm chips, custom-made for smartphone makers and other customers, that will be no denser than the previous 20-nm generation. 
simple transistor scaling reached a limit in the early 2000s:
Making a transistor smaller 
no longer meant it would be faster or less power hungry. So Intel, followed by others, introduced new technologies to help boost transistor performance. 

The semiconductor industry pulled in revenues of US $300 billion in 2012. "