Tuesday, March 12, 2013



C# language + node.js "workflow" + Roslyn ".NET compiler as a service" = scriptcs

scriptcs – Living on the edge in C# without a project on the wings of Roslyn and Nuget, by Glenn Block

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Microsoft Chart Controls

Samples Environment for Microsoft Chart Controls - Home

ASP.NET comes with some "charting" controls. That used to be a separate package,
and beginning in .NET Framework 4, the Chart controls are part of the .NET Framework.
But what technology is used for those charts?
It could be server generate PNGs, or "Canvas" (less likely in 2010), or vector graphics.

SVG vector graphics is now supported in all modern web browsers,
and IE supports VML for a very long time (from IE6),
so libraries like raphael.js could utilize whatever is available.