Sunday, August 19, 2012

"you belong where you are appreciated"

Nationwide add Belong - YouTube
"Whoever you are, you belong where you are appreciated — in a place where you come first."

Sound as a generally useful wisdom...

15 Ways to Live, and Not Merely Exist

Designing Windows 8 Apps

Designing Windows 8 Apps | Windows 8 Developer Camp - Redmond | Channel 9

Apparently there IS some deeper logic and structure behind "modern UI".
Trouble is, that is not obvious. Small things, such as "how do I log out from this thing now" really leave bad taste... I am afraid that Windows 8, the way it is now, will not be liked very much, despite quite good technology and huge effort behind it. Like Vista was...

There may be a way to adjust the system, with some simple "guides".
That could be a "compromise" for "designers in the clouds",
but for "normal people" as well as for Microsoft bottom line, that would help.

For example, "Windows Button" on keyboard, as well as left/right errors, Ctr/Alt/Delete to logout and turn off device, "just start typing" in Start Tiles mode to search etc...

JavaScript for Windows 8 development

JavaScript project templates for Metro style apps